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HEALTHY WAVE MATS - 5 Therapies in One Mat - Far Infrared, Photon, Negative Ion, PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field), Crystal Therapy with Tourmaline, Jade, Amethyst and Obsidian Crystals

Lyme Disease

Hi, my name is Rebecca. I've struggled with my health for over 40 years now. After being diagnosed with chronic late stage Lyme disease in 2005 I realized Lyme was what had been making me sick for so long.  I had a variety of diagnoses during that time, including fibromyalgia and depression.  Over the years, my pain levels increased while my energy and zest for life all but disappeared.  I tried everything from supplements to alternative body therapies, diets, and IVs to name a few but eventually my symptoms returned.


I was recently introduced to the healthywavemat PEMF  matt and I'm thrilled to say I've noticed a significant decrease in pain along with an increase in energy and well-being. What a change! I'm thrilled with the results.  Normally I just try to get through each day as best I can.  I water walk in the pool but that's the extent of my physical exercise. I just don't have the energy to  walk a lot  or work out at the gym.


I spend 30 minutes,  2-3 times a day on the mat.  It's really helping to reduce my body pain and give me more energy.  For so many years now I have struggled with interrupted sleeps, waking up tired and staying that way all day.  I'm now getting restorative sleeps which is huge for me.  


I highly recommend this mat. I have a small one that I can use lying down or sitting up.

This has been the best investment I've ever made in my health. Do I still experience the ups and downs of chronic pain? Sometimes but using the mat regularly ensures that I'm able to function at a higher level on a daily basis and enjoy more of my life.



I have been having trouble sleeping at night for a long time. I bought a Tourmaline far infrared mat and the first night I have slept all night long, and continue to do so.

All summer long I wake up feeling more tired than I went to bed and always awake one or two times a night.
I bought a full length-Perf Amethyst Bio Energy Infared mat
and the 2nd night I slept all night and then I noticed I was waking up, awake, not tired.

Also noticing my varicose veins are receding. I sleep on mine every night.
Stress and Pain
My name is Judy and I seem to have one stressful life event after another. Using the PEMF  Mat 2-3 times a day  has really enabled my mind and body to relax and feel more calm.  I seem to drift to the sleep mode whenever I lie on the mat.  It feels so cozy and warm and comfortable that I wish I can just lie on it all day.  

 I had an old shoulder injury that re-occur a few weeks ago.  Lying on the healthy line mat melt the pain away in a week.  The mats really heal deep since the front of my shoulder was also in a lot of pain.  I didn�t have to have the mat on top of my shoulder.  I just laid on my back for a week and even the pain on the front of my shoulders subsided.  My husband complained that his back was going out again.  He laid on the PEMF  mat for 1.5 hours and told me the mat really works.  The next day, I reminded him to use the mat again for his back pain.  He said no need, his back is fine.  I have then introduced the PRO mat to my sister and a good friend.  They both purchased one.

Thank you so much for all the time and efforts, research and development that went into designing and creating such  effective and therapeutic products.  I will continue to share my stories with my friends and families Judy "
"The 1st mat I took it to Japan to treat my daughters ankylosing spondylitis. She wasn't able to move ,sit or walk except lying on her stomach. Today after more than forty sessions she is able to walk and do some light housekeeping. Even able to drive to the supermarket for her groceries. I bought  3 mats : 1 for myself ,the others for my children.  I am going to order some more."


Better Sleep
The mats are  awesome... 
I love the mat personally ---it has changed my personal sleep patterns immensely!  I almost get anxious if I know I won't be able to sleep on my mat... because I'm worried I won't sleep good!  Funny!  
I have loaned out one of my mats to help a friend who struggles with sleep... hopefully he'll buy his own mat soon!  
I'll get data to you ASAP!  On our macular degeneration patients!  
Enjoy Life Daily!
Dr. Deb Wms
Enhanced Micro-circulation
Hi Pamela- Thanks for your response. Following is an update on my use of the health mat. When I started using the mat, I had swelling in my left foot that had been there for 15 plus years. It never limited my mobility, I guess it just let me know that something was wrong with my circulation in that area. I will not even give the explanations that my dr. offered to explain the cause of the swelling. Over the years, the swelling would increase and decrease, usually with my consumption of sodium. But now, something is different. The decrease in swelling has accelerated more than ever before and, I can actually see the veins in the instep area of my foot for the first time in more than 15 years. Fluids are moving in and out of my foot in a more normal manner. Now, I can't say with certainty that the health mat is responsible for this change, because of the many other health promoting things that I do, I just know that the swelling in my left foot has decreased to a level that I have not seen in more than 15 years, and that that change has occurred since I started laying on the health mat daily for about 20 to 30 minutes. You are welcomed to draw whatever conclusion that you desire. I accept the science based explanations about the various features of the fully loaded mat, and I will continue to lay on it with confidence that it is helping me in ways that I will never know about.
With love,
Back Pain
Hi Pamela!
How are you? Sorry I have not gotten back to you earlier about getting a healing mat.
Please know that I have been completely...I mean completely pain free since my time on your mat. I have lived with back pain since my oldest son was born 34 years ago. It's hard to comprehend getting out of bed in the mornings with no pain and ease of mobility.
Since my time on your mat i have cleaned many houses and have not had the excruciating pain at the end of a work day. Wow! Just WOW!!
Thank you for allowing me  the free  session on the mat ...I am a believer!!
I need some guidance as to which healing mat to buy and wondering when is a good time to connect on this?
I eagerly await your reply! Lol!

Thanks again!
Hi Pamela,
I want to share my experience with you. I lay on the mat for an hour last night about 2 hours before I went to bed. I had the most amazing sound sleep that I haven't had for maybe this past year when I've been suffering from a severe flare up of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am really happy with this result. I hope it will go on helping me.
Alice Auyeung-Lau
Chronic Pain  by former NHL player
In December of 2012 I was involved in rollover motor vehicle accident. That left me with something called a lower lumbar instability. This crippling injury has greatly diminished my mobility. My inability to walk without the assistance of a cane has led me to look at many different Rehab modalities. The truly scary part was what the NSAIDS meds were doing to my internal organs.
At first glance I was extremely skeptical about the whole pulsed electromagnetic frequency thing. In my mind it was one of those too-good-to-be-true type of things. Then I got a phone call from an old friend who happened to be passing through town and was promoting a PEMF mat. So, for no money out of pocket I got an opportunity to  try his $6000.00 USD PEMF mat. To be honest I was pleasantly surprised. But the cost of it I felt was well out of my financial ballpark!  It was by my great fortune that I contacted you to ask your opinion on the whole subject. As usual, my go-to girl, Pamela,   pointed me in the right direction. Not only were you able to provide me with PEMF at a fraction (literally roughly 20%) of the price, the mat I purchased thru you also includes Heat, Far-Infared and Cold Lasers. BONUS!!!

The combination of which blows that other high-dollar mat right off the map!
I have owned my mat for over a year now and enjoy every minute of it. The more I use it the better my back and legs feel. Now when I come home at the end of the day I no longer have to take anti-inflammatories to be able to sleep. 
Thanks again for providing the pain relief I so badly needed!
Harold Phillipoff ( former NHL player)

Broken Back
I   crushed to  2 vertebra  in my lower  back from a serious fall over 2 years ago so I suffered from a  low level chronic pain  all  the time but would get  a lot worse if I tried to do anything like vacuuming or bending over.  Since using my  PEMF Mat I have no back pain at all although it will  flare up if I attempt to do  too much lifting.     As  long as lay on the mat  for 20 minutes/ day I feel great. When I skip 3-4 days in row I can start to feel the old pain creeping back in which is a good reminder to get back  on the  mat.  
Susan  B
Sciatica Pain 
I got a small  mat with  PEMF  and sleep on it every night. My sciatica pain and lower back pain have decreased a lot. I am so glad this  product was recommended to me.
Judy Gorinson
More Energy
I only bought my mat a week ago and have already noticed an increase of energy, physical and mental wellbeing, happiness,   and positive creative thoughts.  Having worked at a very stressful, challenging position for over a year I did not realize that feeling better again was possible so quickly or even how horrible I was feeling as it had become almost natural to feel lousy.   Before  using my mat I was feeling anxious, worried all the time had  shoulder stiffness and headaches  from driving and computer use and now this is gone.  I feel like I am back in complete alignment on all levels. 
 I look forward to using my mat daily and have been sharing it with friends and associates who experience physical pain and they too have been feeling less pain and an improved quality of life. 
Thank-you Pamela and Larry for designing a truly amazing healing product!
B. Baumel
Reduced Stress and Pain
 I think they are helping overall. Both Leandra and I note that we go into a meditative state with them but I really do think it's helped our anxiety issues.
As the anxiety drops, the perception of pain drops as well. Both Leandra and I suffer from joint and muscle pain that may have an origin in connective tissue. There is a baseline of pain that is always there for us, but I do think the exacerbation of it are less frequent and less intense.
Overall, I think the mats have helped us. Maybe more emotionally than physically at this point but would certainly like to continue and I've been encouraged by the results so far.
I will keep you posted, and thank you so much to you and Janise for bringing this into our lives.
Russ K

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